Who are we?         

We have two full-time consultants  Bill Laar and Jackie Holderness dealing with various areas of primary education.  They each have their own specialist experience and skills.  We work either individually or as a team depending on the needs of each project. We are also involved in the writing and publication of  educational textbooks and teaching materials. For many years, we have worked with a wide range of respected publishers to create for children  and teachers Language Arts materials  that are  lively, challenging and child-centred. We have also written books for teachers and contributed to educational debates through articles and chapters.

Bill Laar.

Bill  was a Primary Head teacher before becoming an inspector/adviser. In this capacity he worked  for a number of local authorities, including: Birmingham and  Barking and Dagenham. He was:

For over 10 years, Bill has worked as an educational consultant, with schools and teachers around the UK and overseas.  He is a Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University and has worked recently with a number of Education Action Zones in the UK.


Bill’s main professional interests are: Management and leadership;  governance of schools; school inspection and self-evaluation; Creativity in education;  the use of narrative in learning; teaching  gifted and more able children; non-fiction skills development; teaching thinking skills; the teaching of reading, writing and poetry;  teachers’ continuing professional development:

Publications by Bill Laar:

Bill  has been a regular contributor to the Times Educational Supplement and has written books and materials for teachers, including :

“The TES Guide to Surviving School Inspection” (1995: TES/Butterworth/ Heinemann/ Harcourt. ISBN- 0750628014 )

 The “Literacy Files” series for teaching Primary Literacy (1996 : Stanley Thornes)

Bill is currently working on LCP Reading Cards, a cross-curricular non-fiction reading skills project for LCP (in press) and on Jamboree,  an ESL picture book/ video programme for younger ESL children (Harcourt : 2005). 

Jackie and Bill jointly wrote the OUP Parent’s Guide to Pre-School Learning (1999).

Jackie Holderness

Jackie has worked in primary education for over twenty years, (although she was originally trained as a secondary teacher). She gained a MA in Language and Literature in Education from the Institute of Education, London in 1985.Her teaching experience includes:-

Jackie  is a qualified schools inspector and a First Steps Literacy tutor. She  regularly provides In-service or CPD (continuing Professional Development) for  teachers at home and overseas. She is currently involved with several publishing projects, ranging from non-fiction and language arts programmes to ESL Big books.

Interests: Jackie’s main professional interests are:

EFL; ESL and bilingual education;  the use of story in learning; teaching  gifted and more able children; non-fiction skills development; family literacy, eg through the use of Storysacks; thinking skills; Philosophy for children; learning how to learn and accelerated learning ; the teaching of reading, writing and poetry;  teachers’ use of action research and continuing professional development.

Publications By Jackie Holderness:

Several EYL materials, including Start with Words and Pictures Activity Book (1985), Carousel (Addison-Wesley Longman, 1992) and  Top Songs Activity Books 1 and 2 (OUP, 2000)  A  recent Science series was aimed at the early years How? Why? What? (Franklin Watts, 2000).

She has written several ELT primary coursebooks  (Chatterbox :1990) Zoom/Cool : 2000, Best Friends (2001), & Zabadoo Plus  (2003) all published by OUP. Her supplementary materials for ELT teachers includes 100+ Ideas for Children,(1999) published by Macmillan- Heinemann.

Jackie has also published books for British teachers: Cassell’s Big Cross Curricular flip book (1988); Bright Ideas in English (Scholastic: 1989) ,  An Introduction to Oracy, with Cassell: 1998 and The Really Practical Guide to English: (Stanley Thornes,1999)

She has contributed chapters to books about Curriculum Provision for Able Children (Fulton: 2001); Managing International Schools (Routledge Falmer 2001) and Interpreting International Education (Kogan Page, 2003)

She is currently working on several projects, including a  cross-curricular non-fiction literacy programme LCP Non-fiction reading cards, ( LCP 2004) two ESL projects (Harcourt Ed: 2004),  a Caribbean Language Arts Programme (2005) and a KS1 Science series for Aladdin Books/Franklin Watts (2004-5)

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